City of Calgary

In 2020 the city of Calgary began piloting their Food in the Park program, including the use of four garden towers.

Gardenscape Saskatoon

Mini Garden Tower

We are grateful to have met so many amazing people during our first show this year at Gardenscapes. Next year we will back back with a huge corner booth to show off our displays, feel free to come give the garden tower a spin! (April, 2016)

Sage Seniors’ Resources

3 Garden Towers

We set up 3 garden towers at a new care home in Saskatoon. It opens in early December and the residents will play a part in growing fresh food! During the winter months they will be using lights around the towers to assist in the growing! (Nov, 2016)

Regina Food Bank

48 Garden Towers

This fall we began setting up 48 gardentower units at the Regina Food Bank. Each unit is equipped with growing lights and the aquajet irrigation system so that they can grow efficiently indoors all year round. Hope hope to post finished installation photos in the very near future! (Coming Soon)

Garden Towers in Senior Centres and Care Homes

Earth Connections has provided towers to many senior centres and care homes for gardening purposes, as well as for horticultural therapy. Notable examples of these communities making use of the garden tower include Sage Resources and Sherbrook Community Centre in Saskatoon, SK and Trinity Village in Ontario.

Community Projects

Earth Connections Garden Centre has the pleasure of working constantly with new community partners across the country. Outlined below are some of our more recent partnerships with schools, food banks and community projects across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Yukon.
JH Moore Elementary
Athabasca health authority Logo
Silverspring School
Flying Dust First Nation
Regina Food Bank
Challenge Disability Resource Group
Sage Seniors Resources