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One of the key secrets to your EarthBox® container gardening success is the EarthBox® Mulch Cover! In addition to keeping unwanted weeds and some pests out, the Mulch Cover helps conserve water and keep nutrients in, all while protecting your plants’ growing environment against the elements. Made from durable, professional-grade agricultural film, it's one of the most important elements of the EarthBox® gardening system. The EarthBox® Mulch Cover serves several critical functions to control and protect the system's environment: • Keeps rain out of the growing media to prevent crucial nutrients from being washed away • Prevents evaporation and conserves water • Stops weeds from transplanting in the system, which would otherwise compete for space, water, and nutrients against your crops • Helps deter some insects and other pests from burrowing or digging in the growing media • Depending on the climate and which color is face up, the mulch cover helps to attract or reflect sunlight. This assists in controlling the temperature of the growing media. Use the white side up in hot (temps regularly above 85° F), dry climates to prevent young seedlings from dying; or in contrast, help warm the soil to stimulate growth by using the black side up in cooler climates EarthBox® Mulch Covers are sized accordingly for your growing system. Each includes free shipping.

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