EarthBox Tomato Replant Kit


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Growing tomatoes has never been easier! With our thoughtfully curated EarthBox® Tomato Replant Kit, you’ll get everything you need for your next tomato growing season. Easily grow a healthy and bountiful crop of tomatoes in your EarthBox® Original gardening system using the following included components: • The fertilizer and dolomite are absorbed at just the right pace to make sure your growing plants are getting the right nutrients at the right time. • The calcium nitrate, a weekly additive, delivers a nutrient punch to the plants throughout their lifecycle to protect against Blossom End Rot (BER). • The mulch covers protect the system, keep weeds out, conserves water, and so much more! • A 5-ft. roll of soft-coated, customizable wire twist tie is included, so you can easily tie up your tomato plants as they grow. Unlike traditional twine or wire, this coated plant tie won’t cut or dig into tender plant stems and can be easily removed or repositioned according to plants’ needs; simply cut into smaller pieces to your desired length. • There’s even a replacement Trellis Net for your EarthBox® Staking System!

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