AquaJet SR (Extended)

Waters the Garden Tower 2 from the inside on 3 different levels.

Made for the extended Garden Tower 2 (additional 2 rings). The water gravitates down to the bottom storage drawer. The drawer will have the water that drains from the soil in the tower. When the water drains from the Garden Tower it carries the nutrients with it into the drawer. You then pour this nutrient filled water back into the tower. The nutrients are like a compost tea that you keep introducing back into the tower. This further helps with the water conservation of the tower. The AquaJet will also inject air into the Garden Tower through its emitters before every watering cycle. The AquaJet in the Garden Tower 2 is a winning combination. The multi-level watering in vertical growing is the most efficient way to water your Garden Tower


Price: $139.00

Shipping: $27.50

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