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A Working Model of Community-Based Sustainable Living on 40 Acres of Natural Land

At Earth Connections we encourage holistic wellbeing. We promote food sovereignty, sustainable living, and the use of food as medicine. We are proud supporters of permaculture, education, and community growth.

The Earth Connections Team
The Earth Connections Team At The Farmers Market last season.

We offer non GMO seedlings and microgreens, grown naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. We are a retail partner for West Coast Seeds based out of British Columbia. We carry a large variety of seed choices including a number of certified organic and heirloom options. All seeds are non GMO.

As we move into 2017 we are excited about continuing our growing and learning. We hope to complete our Wallipini in the spring and look forward to extending our growing capacity.   Follow us on Facebook for more frequent updates.

Our Growing Facilities

Earth Connections operates out of a strawbale insulated post-and-beam home. Our outdoor gardens include raised beds, a strawbale garden, and a static pile garden. For year round growing in the Saskatchewan climate we love our vertical growing system, the Garden Tower 2, and are also in the process of building an underground greenhouse (Wallipini). We are committed to adhering to organic protocols.

Community Projects

Silverspring School with garden Tower 2

Earth Connections Garden Centre has the pleasure of working constantly with schools, food banks, and community partners. Visit our community projects page to read more about the connections that we’ve made all across the Country!

Sage Seniors Resources  Regina Food Bank  Flying Dust First Nation    Gardenscape Saskatoon

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The Garden Tower 2

The Garden Tower 2 is our award winning DIY gardening product for year round organic growing. Grow 50 plants in just 4 sqft of space! Watch the video below to learn more:

Visit The Garden Tower 2 Page To Learn More

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Earth Connections Garden Centre Fundraising Program 2017

West Coast Seeds Fundraiser

Earth Connections is excited to offer any community group, association, non-profit or charity an opportunity to create a garden space through our fundraising program!

We have over 70 items to choose from in our fundraising program. All seeds and small ticket items (under $10.00) sold will generate 25% of the value for your group. For items with a value over $10.00, 10% will be available for you to put towards any purchase from the available items or you can use the money towards any garden program you may have already in place.

Please See Our Fundraisers Page For More Information